Monday, July 05, 2004

Today Sux Man !!!

Today after school , Shawn and i went to his house by taking bus loh....Then frenzs of him play a trick on him by taking away his bag when he is not around on the seat.....After reaching his house i went his house 2 play gunbound coz he 2 play loh.......Then play so fun then at 3pm sumthing , he say tt he want 2 go downstairs den i also follow...Then his frenzs all went 2 the playground 2 play.....Then they ( including shawn )told me 2 play den i say okie loh..... But some of the games they play i also dunno man!!! Then any how play lor.....THen when catching around the blocks i m the catcher i hid juz beside the guy who playing i he thought no wan when i wanna catch him he saw it....n ran but i miss it....>>> Then after tt i catch Shawn Soh Then after a while shawn say he buy me a drink if i be the catcher again then i agree after walking around i saw the 1A5 girl who playing the game i quickly ran after she was so fast man...but at last still get caught...haha.....Then after drinking while resting...Other shawn frenz who live in 249...he sux man....he throw the water bag at us (6ppl) luckly miss 2nd time almost hit shawn 3rd hit me....Then i shouted at him FUCK OFF !!! N CHEE BYE to made him lose face......then when he wanna come down n fight wif me i quickly walk away as fast as i could so tt i would nt be in trouble lor....Coz i still wearing opss shirt or else i have wrecked him man !!! Bastard dun let me see his face again coz i gonna wretch his face off....Coward!!!