Monday, June 28, 2004

World Life !!!!!

Today...after school went Jinrong's house play PS2 games coz at home so sianz... And we together play...Samurai Ninja ...We play the Story Mode....And when fight untill the last stage we suddenly lost coz the character i used was 2 lousy...n we try again.....then untill the third floor of the game we still lost...n we still don't wan 2 gave up so we try again...untill 4th floor still lose coz i left with only 1 small little life coz the character lousy wht den been trapped by a Strong opponent n lose 2 him coz Jinrong's character can't go in n help coz i trapped den ..suddenly i think of a idea...i asked Jinrong to use as a Player 1 coz only can play the character been a player 1 2 unlocked new i asked him 2 use the lousy character den i use the mighty warrior 2 win...And Finally we won..!!! Then after tt i showed him my Final Finasty X game i show him my New Aeons >>: Anima n (Bugus Sister)? < ( i think like this type yar ) Then i showed him Tidus 's father (Jecht) the final aeon of Braska ...after using Tidus attacking Jecht...I den use Anima to use the Pain !!! n it's overdrive ( Oblivion )..the strongest OVERDRIVE !!! ^ _ ^ Haha *** After defeating him , n i showed him how i fight my own aeons ...( Valefor , Ifrit , Ixion , Shiva , Bahamut , Anima , Yojimbo , Bugus Sister ) After that we really faced the strongest boss (Beast) : Yu Yevon just by using my Overdrive Blitz Ace n successfully defeated it le.....Then after that i go home liao ..That's all.....


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