Monday, June 28, 2004

Starting Of The School start..........>>>>>

The Starting of the School day was so sux....n sianz.....That nite b4 school reopen i 2.00am sleep n must be 6.00am wake up but i never thought that i 6.30am woke up sia...Then need 2 bath,change attire 2 school uniform n schort....Then never thought that while i was tieing my shoelaces i see the clock nvr suspect that it was almost 7am....Then can't eat my breakfast..i thought i can eat breakfast 4 the school reopen day....Then when i reach school i saw the ppl in my class all wear tie den i realise that i never bring tie n Report i quickly ran out off the class n school n go back my house , luckily my house was nearby the school or else i will going 2 be late when i go back school from home....Then when i step out of my house i quickly ran...Then i reached school i was almost late...Luckily reached on time...But full of sweat.......Not so comfortable sitting in the parade square.. Wish could change place....aways sit wif the same persons n no 1 2 talk sianz .....Damn it.... Then after tt go back class oso sianz ....Then go home faster go rest den went out....sux man school days>>>> (^~^)


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